Real estate lawers in Moscow

Board of Attorneys  - collective of highly skilled lawyers and lawyers by the housing right and the real estate.

We possess extensive experience of a legal aid on all legal questions connected with occurrence, realisation, change, the termination of the rights of possession, using, the order real estate. Share building. Housing disputes. Eviction, installation. Legal advice on housing, housing council, transactions with the real estate, sale and purchase,  donation and so forth Business management in courts.

Board of Attorneys  guarantees to you as to participants of the market of the real estate protection of your rights and legitimate interests.

Specialisation of our lawyers and lawyers is rendering of legal services in the field of the real estate, buildings, the housing right. Including support of transactions connected with the real estate, conducting in courts of affairs under the claims connected with participation in share building of habitation, investment, work with initiative groups of citizens and mass-media, other legal services.

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You can address for consultation of the housing lawyer on following legal issues:

  • Support by the lawyer of transactions with premises and the real estate;
  • Consultation of the lawyer at purchase and sale, donation,  the rent, rent, hiring of premises and the commercial real estate;
  • The help of the lawyer at installation, eviction, removal from registration, definition of an order of using, a compulsory exchange;
  • Services of the housing lawyer at privatisation, registration of premises;
  • Legal aid of the lawyer at moving and a pulling down, resettlement from taken down habitation;
  • The help of the lawyer on individual share in building,to investment contracts;

Judicial office help  under the real estate.

In more details you can familiarise with the list of services in corresponding section of a site.

Yours faithfully, Administration Law of Moscow Office.

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